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Established in 1999, Faci Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is wholly owned by Faci S.p.A, a family owned company started in 1949 and headquartered in Carasco, Italy. Located on Singapore’s Jurong Island since 9th November 2000, it was the first Italian company to invest on the Island. The strategic location in Singapore enables it to easily export the finished products to the regional markets. The aim is to supply the whole of Asia and other areas such as Australia, USA, Middle East and Africa from Singapore. In addition, this plant will also support the production requirements of other branches where necessary.

From a humble beginning of producing stearic acid using the hydrogenation process, the company has moved downstream and now specializes in manufacturing derivatives of non-toxic fatty acids as Metal Stearates, Laurates and Esters. Metal Stearates are important additives used as acid receptors and lubricants in manufacturing of polymer manufacturer – especially producers of polyolefins (PE – PP), polystyrene, polycarbonate, PVC processors and ABS. Other uses of metal stearates include pharmaceutical industry (for the production of tablets), rubber and latex processing (as anti-blocking agent), construction industry (as a hydrophobic agent in mortars and plasters), cosmetic industry and more. The most important use of fatty esters is in the food industry as emulsifiers and flavoring agents.

The current investment in Singapore Jurong Island Plant had reached S$35 (US$ 25) million with a production capacity of 50,000 tons. Employing the most advance methods of production, the 18,000 sqm state-of-art production facility in Singapore adheres to the stringent food safety and quality control procedures. The plant uses vegetable based stearic acid as the starting raw material. This commodity is widely available from the neighboring country of Malaysia and Indonesia.
With this new plant Faci is expanding its manufacturing capability to one of the most fast growing regions. Other Faci plants producing metal stearates are at its headquarters in Italy (Faci SpA), in Spain (Productos Metalest), in UK (Faci SpA UK branch) and in China (Faci China), where more products are manufactured, mainly fatty acid derivatives such as esters, epoxy products, paint dryers. Faci Asia Pacific is also acting as a trader for all the product manufactured by the group in the Asian region.

The plant uses stearic acid, a widely available commodity from neighbouring Malaysia and Indonesia, as its main feedstock. The plant’s location in Singapore enables it to easily export the finished products to the regional markets.

The aim of the plant is to supply the whole of Asia and other areas such as Australia, USA and Africa. It also supports production at the other plants in the world as and when necessary.
Products manufactured by Faci Asia Pacific in Singapore are exclusively of vegetable origin and we are able to offer, upon request, different composition of fatty acids and salts of different fatty acids.

Halal and Kosher certified products are available.

Faci Asia Pacific is also HACCP Certified. Key products from the Singapore plant: calcium stearate, zinc stearate, magnesium stearate, sodium stearate, fatty acid esters.
All our products are supported with Material Safety Data Sheets and Certificates of Analysis.
Detailed specifications for the products that we manufacture in Singapore and for those manufactured within our Group are available on request. An extract is available on this website.

It owns Faci Chemicals ZJG

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